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Mortal Kombat Online Passes Waived Until Store Is Back

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So it seems that NetherRealm Studios, the geniuses behind the new Mortal Kombat, along with their publisher Warner Bros. have decided to waive the need for a Kombat Pass in order to play MK online. The announcement was made today on the game’s Facebook page. The wall post states:

Due to the recent PSN outage, Mortal Kombat for PS3 will now be playable online without need for the Kombat Pass. This is a temporary solution that will only be available while Playstation Store is unavailable. Once PlayStation Store is back up, users will be able to enter the Kombat Pass code included with Mortal Kombat or purchase a Kombat Pass for $9.99.

Sony has already stated that store functionality should be restored by next week, with some internal memos dating the reboot for May 24th. Finally! I can get my kombat on uninterrupted until the store is back.

Source: Facebook