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Are you ready for….The Baconing?

Posted by on May 25th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Tags: , , ,

So last Saturday’s rapture was a bust, but now I guess we all have a new thing to fear on the horizon. Hothead Games has released some information to Kotaku on the return of their over-the-top, formerly titular hero DeathSpank in a new game called The Baconing. Hothead has stated that the overall objective of this game will be the destruction of the evil thongs once and for all, and has said that enemy AI in this new installment in the DeathSpank franchise will be fiercer than before. Enemies will attempt to actually flank DeathSpank while healers will attempt to keep enemy mobs alive for much longer. Hothead has also stated that this new game will feature some form of cover system for our hero to hide behind and a new side kick in the form of Bob from Marketing who is armed with deadly cannibalistic powers.

The article also provides some behind the scenes details regarding this next title. Previously, the past two games in the franchise were praised for their humor and art style, but were almost universally criticised for their gameplay which got repetitive very quickly. Hothead has stated to Kotaku that this game will be different and will encourage tactical thinking when dealing with enemies. Hothead said “…player’s will now feel compelled to use tactics and strategy to defeat their opponent.”  Further to this, Hothead also disclosed that this will be the first title in the franchise to not feature the lead character’s creator, Ron Gilbert. Currently the game is set for a summer release for both consoles and PC. Hothead has also released a teaser trailer embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Source: Kotaku