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Moon Diver Gets A Release Date

Posted by on March 9th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

If you didn’t see the stealth announcement yesterday, Moon Diver will be part of Sony’s ongoing Spring Fever Promotion. During Spring Fever a new high profile game will be released each week for one month. Moon Diver will be making its way to the store on March 29th, joining Rush’n Attack Ex-Patriot.

We also got our hands on a fact sheet for the game and it looks to offer some interesting features.

The Diver System allows players to jump in or out at any time, for a maximum of up to four players total. Guest players are awarded experience points for helping out.

Combos increase in power and intensity according to the number of players. Collect new combo moves by picking them up on the map or fulfilling certain requirements.

Adjust the difficulty level at any time with the Chaos Accelerator. Higher levels are rewarded with enhanced visuals and greater experience points. Players set the challenge rating as they see fit.

We might be setting up an interview soon, do you readers have any questions you would liked answered?