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Moon Diver DLC Announced

Posted by on April 15th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

Three DLC packs for Moon Diver have been announced, with one of them being available for purchase right now.

Added to the PSN store this week for $0.99 was “New Player Character “Silence” and Score Attack Mode”. With this DLC players get access to a new character Silence, well maybe not new since you battle this character numerous times in the game. The Score Attack Mode adds a new special stage that is for single player only, but your experience will transfer over to Story Mode though. The enemies are tougher here so be careful.

Releasing April 26 for $0.99 are two other stages to use in Score Attack Mode titled “Rage” and “Orbit”. Same thing goes here kill, kill, kill and get experience for Story Mode.

Lastly for free there is “Chain Kill Mode”. There is no date set for this currently but in this mode it is your goal to chain together as many enemies before your HP runs out. And like with all these other DLC modes, your experience will transfer over to Story Mode.

So these add-ons look to offer a broader single player experience to Moon Diver, which something that Brad though was lacking in his review of the title.