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HOARD’s in your Pocket, Stealing Princesses

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As anticipated since Friday, the draconic Big Sandwich Games have officially announced the PSP version of HOARD. If you are unfamiliar with the fire-breathing princess-snatching dragon action stratecade title on the PS3, consult our review. Surprisingly, the PSP title has both a North American release date (March 22nd) and a price ($9.99!). Needless to say, we’re looking forward to getting our hands on it for review.

The official press release was unspecifc about any changes made to the PSP version of HOARD. One distinguising feature of the PS3 version was the robust co-operative and competitive multiplayer support that allowed for a mix of local and online players; no doubt the PSP version will handle this a little differently.

Big Sandwich also reassured European PS3 and PSP owners that HOARD would be headed their way sometime in April, with pricing still to be determined. The PS3 version of HOARD was expected in the EU store since last November, but had been held back for localization and other issues. This could mean that EU sees a simultaneous launch of the PS3 and PSP versions; hopefully we get a solid release date with some pricing details soon.

[Source: Big Sandwich Games]