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Dead Nation Patch Live

Posted by on March 7th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

The long awaited patch for Housemarque’s zombie thriller Dead Nation has finally arrived. I’ve been meaning to go back and play Dead Nation, but its lack of co-op voice chat made me think twice about that. Luckily, this is fixed in the new patch, along with a few other tweaks.

The new features include:

Online co-op voice chat
Checkpoint save
Brightness calibration screen
Jack and Scarlett now have their own laser sight colors
You can now also buy a laser sight for your SMG, Shotgun, or Blade Cannon
Detailed statistics menu
Bullets can no longer hit cars beyond the screen
Game saves can now be copied

All of these are nice updates to an already great game. So shoot me a friend request and let’s get back to killing zombies and whacking car trunks for loot.