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Sega Rally Online Arcade drifting onto PSN

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SEGA seems to understand digital distribution well. They, like Capcom, see it as a place to reintroduce old franchises that perhaps aren’t as profitable as they once were, and to gain new fans of those old genre stalwarts. Therefore, what better place is there to reintroduce Sega Rally than PSN? After a somewhat uneventful showing a few years ago, in a move that led to the closure of Sega’s racing studio, SEGA Rally has finally returned to teach Dirt that it isn’t just about smearing as many awful colour filters as you can across the screen, you have to actually be fun too.

Taking visual cues from the most recent instalment in the series, SEGA Rally Online Arcade claims to be inspired by SEGA Rally Revo and SEGA Rally 3, and includes a whole host of features. Such features include 5 player online races, leaderboards, and a variety of single player game modes such as Championship Battle and Time Attack, along with 13 cars to race in. SEGA Rally Online Arcade is set to hit PSN in 2011.