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BurgerTime HD coming to PSN

Posted by on February 28th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: , ,

I’m not sure which mad executive decided that the time was right for a new BurgerTime, but nonetheless, an HD revamp of the original is coming to PSN. According to GamerBytes, Monkey Paw games is the developer behind the HD version, having previously had a hand in bringing Data East PS1 classics to the US PSN.

Regardless, BurgerTime HD is coming, so be ready. In the mean time, here’s the ESRB description;

This is an action-platformer in which players assume the role of a small chef who must assemble giant hamburgers. Players must avoid ‘cartoony’ hazards (e.g., grill flames, spikes traps) and oversized enemies (e.g., carrots, apple cores, hot peppers) in each level. The chef blinks and falls off-screen when hit; enemies react to damage with a ‘dizzying’ effect.

Link to ESRB description