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Most Anticipated in 2011 – Explodemon!

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Do you own a PS3? Do you frequently check the PlayStation Network Store for hot new releases? How about for Call of Duty map packs? Is it the year 2011? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know about some of the upcoming PSN titles that will blow your mind out in a car (with exxxtreme enjoyment). We, the editors at PSNStores.com, know about said titles. Here’s one of them:


As a professional Englishman™, I can’t help but be instantly interested by any title that bursts forth from our dank and rainy land. Of course, this isn’t the only reason that I’m excited for Explodemon! No, the main reason is that the game looks like it’s going to be an astounding amount of fun to play.

Visually, Explodemon looks like what I would imagine a modern Mega Man game could look like, with anime styled protagonists, and a love of coloured metal bodies that would make any member of the Reploids insanely jealous. However, it really isn’t the visuals that make Explodemon stand out, rather the tight looking gameplay.

Playing as the titular Explodemon, you’re going to have to bound your way across a variety of environments, and more than likely blow up several critters on your gunpowder fuelled adventure. The tight looking platforming and hilarious looking dialogue has really made Explodemon into one of the coolest propositions on PSN this January. In the mean time, we have a couple of new screenshots for you to take a peep at, along with some old favourites, and a trailer for you to gawk at.