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Hamilton’s Great Adventure rolling this year

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Fatshark certainly seems to be going to different corners of the earth with their library of titles. We started off in the old west with “Lead and Gold“, and they’re currently preparing Rad Spencer for a second shot at glory with “Bionic Commando Rearmed 2“, so it comes as no surprise to me that their next title will feature an Indiana Jones-esque adventurer called Ernest Hamilton and his bird Sasha. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure has been announced by the Swedish developer as a mixture of action puzzling and traditional problem solving, combined in “an immersive storyline”, their words, not mine. The developer has opened an official web site for the game, and more information will certainly be made available as time marches ever onwards. In the mean time, here’s a bunch of screenshots to tide you over. Keep in mind that this is PC and “coming to consoles”, but if you look hard enough at those screens you can see some familiar buttons 🙂

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden. January 14, 2011. Take part in an amazing journey, guiding the splendiferous adventurer Ernest Hamilton and his brilliant bird Sasha as they co-operate to crack crafty conundrums and challenges.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure incorporates gameplay featuring both action puzzling and traditional problem solving, combined with an immersive storyline. Hamilton’s Great Adventure provides an exceptional and exhilarating experience for all gamers.

As Hamilton’s Great Adventure is a Fatshark game it’s naturally featuring hats. This time, they will not be shot off, and that’s what we at Fatshark call evolution – and smart use of sticky tape. Speaking about evolution, the game is running on Bitsquid Tech game engine.

“We are excited to introduce Hamilton to the gaming community.” says Martin Wahlund, CEO and Executive Producer, Fatshark. “Hamilton is easy to pick up for everyone, and has something for every type of gamer.”

“I am very happy that Fatshark is developing the game, because they use the awesome Bitsquid Tech and they smell nice.” says Ernest Hamilton, main character.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure will be available during one of the quarters this year – the one with April in it – unless something happens and it won’t. Fatshark is developing the game for consoles and PC. To get the latest info on the game, please visit http://hamilton.fatshark.se or follow Fatshark on Twitter (@fatsharkgames) and Facebook (/fatsharkgames).