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HOARD patch is live!

Posted by on December 4th, 2010 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

Big Sandwich Games has made good on their promises and released their patch for HOARD, the “stratecade” dragon game. In addition to addressing several points of concern, the developers have included a free single-player map for the game’s survival mode. Below is a list of the full patch changes, taken from the game’s official website:

New princess model: princesses over 3,000 gold value now appear as PURPLE instead of the normal pink.

New feature: Friends Leaderboards sorting. Users can now filter leaderboards to show only friends.

Persistent multiplayer lobby: after finishing a multiplayer game, players are retained in the lobby for easy access to restarting a game. (Previously, players were returned to the main menu after each game.)

Restart function added to Pause menu: in single player games, players can now restart a level from the PAUSE menu at any time.

Increased font size for tutorial text, badge text, and menu buttons

Players’ Score Multiplier has been added to the HUD of each player for easy visual reference.

Thief Warning flash has been added to the HUD score multiplier.

Added Rating Targets so players can see how high of a score is required to earn the bronze, silver, and gold ratings while browsing maps

PSN “Players Met” functionality has been added.

Added some text to indicate when a map has been highlighted but not confirmed (too help with situation when players didn’t realize they still needed to press X Button to confirm a map)

Changed Multiplayer menu so “Join” is first item, then “Create” (previously was switched)

Fixes to several badges that were awarding incorrectly, such as “Anti-Royalty Bias.” No trophies are affected.

Improved autozoom camera limits for maps to show more map around dragons in south edge of screen

The patch notes refer to “and more!”, though we have no idea what else the patch could contain. We’ve contacted the developer for more info. In the meantime, if you have HOARD, get the update and get pillaging!