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PSN Japan Journeys Into The West

Posted by on November 25th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags: , ,

In North America, the term “Western games” might evoke images of Stetsons, spurs, and six-shooters. In Japan, “Western games” are more likely known as gaijin entertainment products from the other side of the Pacific ocean. Thankfully, Japanese gamers will soon be able to enjoy Western game imports via a new category on the Playstation Network.

Debuting November 25th, the “Western Game Buyer Selection” will bring US and UK titles to Japanese Playstation 3’s and Playstation Portables. The new category launches with Castle Crashers (¥1500), Comet Crash (¥1000), and the minis title Young Thor (¥500). Naturally, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has promised to import more Western titles in the future.

It is likely that these Western imports work similar to the PSone Import games currently found on the North American store: no effort is made to localize the games, leaving them “as is” and often in their original language. This will allow Western developers to bring their games to Japan’s approximately 15,000,000 English speakers without the need for expensive localization.

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