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Modern Combat: Domination Storming the Front in Early 2011

Posted by on November 10th, 2010 | 7 Comments | Tags: , ,

Of the three games that I saw today at Gameloft, Modern Combat: Domination impressed me the most. Perhaps it was my low expectation for the game, given that the series has its roots as an iPhone app. First off, the game looks great. The lighting effects, in particular, really caught my eye. Four of us squared off in two of the six different game modes. First we played Deathmatch, which I’m sure you’re familiar with if you’ve played an FPS in the last ten years. What initially caught me off guard was the buy screen at the beginning of the round. I’ve played my share of Counter Strike in my day, so I didn’t need any explanation as to what I was supposed to do. You start out with a set amount of money. There are a bunch of auto loadouts to choose from if you’re not one to customize your equipment. I just went for a standard SMG and a frag grenade for the first few rounds. A nice touch is that all 13 of the weapons are licensed military guns. Killing enemies, getting headshots and kill streaks, etc. all gain you money to spend on equipment the next time you spawn. You’ll also gain experience points, which unlock new items and all that jazz.

Modern Combat will feature 16 player online and offline multiplayer. There’s no option to play splitscreen, but you can battle bots till your trigger fingers fall off. The AI is pretty good; the bulk of my deaths came from bots. Not that I had many deaths, :). Anyways, the cool thing about bots is that they will join online multiplayer games to fill up slots. Of course, if someone else joins, he will take a bot’s spot. Another cool thing about the bots is that in certain game modes where you can’t respawn after you’ve died, you have the option to take the place of a living bot.

As I previously mentioned, there are six game modes. Along with Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, there’s Boom and Bust (a true CS plant-the-bomb type), Domination, Extraction, and Escort. These modes can be played on five maps. The number of maps is pretty slim, for sure, but the two maps that I played were extremely detailed and well-designed.

The game features Move support, for some reason. I will say that it’s way more playable than Time Crisis’s online multiplayer. That is to say I could move around and get kills without much of a problem. Turning is still a non-Move-friendly ordeal, but sensitivity can be toggled according to preference.

All in all, I’d say look out for this title in early 2011. It will definitely satisfy those who are looking for a CS experience on the PSN. I know I’ll be looking forward to playing more of it.