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Enter The Jungle With Wildlife: Forest Survival

Posted by on November 10th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Who would win in a fight between a rabbit, a hawk, a fox, and a gator? EA looks to give you the answer with Wildlife: Forest Survival. Don’t let the cutesy artsyle make you think otherwise, this game is deadly. Players can choose from one of four different creatures, the aforementioned rabbit, hawk, fox, and gator. Each of these has its own streetlights and weaknesses.

The rabbit is quick and can “sense danger”, our friend the fox has a pounce ability for a stealth attack, the hawk soars over the forest and can dive bomb others, and finally the gator has powerful jaws and owns the water. What makes me interested in the title is that it has online multiplayer for up to 12 different players. There are eight maps to hunt on, and each is suited to a certain animal. I can imagine a level with lots of water is where you won’t want to cross a gator.

Right now the game is due out sometime in spring 2011.