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Blokus Coming Soon to PSN

Posted by on November 10th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Tags: , ,

I was given a bit of an extra treat when I visited Gameloft today. Instead of two games, they showed me three. That’s 50% more than two games. Blokus is a board game that I’ve played once or twice in the past but had forgotten about. It’s a bit difficult to explain, so I’ll leave that up to the trusty pros over at Wikipedia.

The game was released on the iPhone and iPad a while back, but it’s now getting the HD PSN re-release treatment. It features 4 player local or online play, a tournament mode, and a color blind mode. The Move support in this game is actually solid. As soon as you get a hang of how to place the blocks using the Move, playing is a breeze.

I’m not a fan of silly looking Mii/Xbox avatars, but I guess you need something to identify with. The actual gameplay is a lot of fun. It takes a second to realize how to play and who to attack, but once you’ve got your strategy worked out, you’ll be blocking opponents left and right. You earn points by placing your blocks. Blocking opponents will gain you bonus points, as will placing all of your blocks by the end of the game (a difficult task, I assure you).

Has anyone played Blokus before? If not, are you interested in this game, set to release in early 2011? It is a lot of fun, so I’ll probably play it a bit, given I have people who want to play with me.