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Japanese Store 10/21/10

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How to access the Japanese PSN Store
Last Week’s Update


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (180 MB)

Sports Champions (1015 MB)

Dangan Ronpa (95 MB)
God Eater Burst (183 MB)
God of War: Ghost of Sparta (95 MB)


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (¥1200)

FIFA 11 (¥4980)
Misshitsu no Sacrifice Itoka: Escape From a Sealed Facility (¥600)
Slotter P Sansan Hana Hana & Sansan Oasis (¥3000)

PC Engine
Far East of Eden Ziria (¥800)
Gradius II (¥800)


Bleach Heat the Soul 7 (PSP)
SP Voice Add-on (Free)

Class of Heroes 3
Add-ons (-¥200-¥100) (x13)

Class of Heroes 3 (PSP)
Add-ons (-¥200-¥100) (x13)

Dead Rising 2
Paradise Pack Soldier (¥200)

Hyper Dimension Game Neptune
Game Items (¥100) (x5)
Points (¥150) (x6)
Quest (Free) (x1)

Lord of Arcana (PSP)
Download Quest Pack Vol. 2 (Free)

ModNation Racers
Air Raid Mod+Kart (¥150 or ¥100 each)
Gopher Mod+Kart (¥150 or ¥100 each)
Lil’ Tinker Mod+Kart (¥150 or ¥100 each)

My Aquarium
Jumbo Fish Pack (¥100)

Red Dead Redemption
Outlaws to the End Pack (Free)

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene
Extra Stage Pack 1 (¥360)

Winning Post 7 2010
Add-on Content Pack (Free) (x1)

Winning Post 7 2010 (PSP)
Add-on Content Pack (Free) (x1)


Blue Roses
Promotional Video

Criminal Girls
Promotional Video

H.A.W.X. 2
Latest Game Video

Monster Hunter 3rd Portable
Otomo Promotional Video

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
Promotional Video

Yuusha 30 Second
Preview Video

Avatars Themes Wallpapers

PS3 Avatars
Sports Champions (¥50) (x10)

PS3 Themes
AngelLoveOnline Theme 23 (Free)

PS3 Wallpapers
Kung-Fu Rider (x5)

PSP Wallpapers
Yuusha 30 Second (x3)