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Hoard Coming November 2nd

Posted by on October 26th, 2010 | 3 Comments | Tags: , ,

During PAX Prime this year, Eric and I both had some hands on time with Hoard, a game all about dragons. You may recall hearing our impressions during the PAX podcast, but now that we have a release date and price I figured I would put some stuff down in words.

This game is definitely one of a kind, with it mash-up of table-top board game style and rules and the twin stick shooter that is in the core of its gameplay. We played two of the games four modes, and both seemed enjoyable. First off there was Treasure, we played this in both co-op and competitive. In this mode you have a hoard which you fly back and forth to with spoils. By collecting enough gold or princesses you can upgrade your dragon. The stats that you pick to modify will change the appearance of your dragon, which is always fun.

Here are a few pro-tips I picked up while playing:
1. You will want to let some cities grow. Doing this will allow the wagons they send out to be more valuable, thus giving you more gold to steal.
2.You will need to team up to defeat wizard towers. The very powerful lightning spamming wizard towers can take you out quickly, it is best to knock them out fast.
3. Use the terrain to your advantage. Knights can’t go in the water, so it makes a sort of safe zone for you to hide in.

The competitive mode is where Eric and I had the most fun though. It is all out madness trying to get the most gold to your hoard. You can gain multipliers by collecting gold without dying, so it is in your best interests to take out the other dragons, or else they will take you out. You can also scare a town so much that they will deliver gold to your hoard just so you won’t attack them. It becomes a sort of meta game trying to scare as many towns as possible so you get more gold. This was only one of the modes you can play in competitive, there is also a capture the flag variant called ‘Princess Rush”. First dragon to get 15 princesses takes the cake.

In the online modes you can mix and match local and online players. So say you have a friend over, you can both join a mutliplayer game online together. Makes the value of this game shoot up a lot.

So if this sounds like your kind of game, check it out when it comes to PSN next week. If you want to hear more gushing about the game, check out or super huge PAX Prime 2010 podcast. Start at like the 20 minute mark.