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PSNStores Podcast – 09/10/10

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We are back to the regular format this week as Ben, Brad, and I discuss this week in PSN. But that doesn’t mean I don’t talk a little more about the stuff I played at PAX. We also have some emails to read…YES! About 3/4th the way through Ben has to jet to drink some tea, but Brad and I trek on (this is now a hockey podcast.)

We have another giveaway this week, and this time it is a Bag of Crap from PAX (See pic above). Two winners will be chosen from email submissions.

Games discussed: Castle Crashers, Nexius, Kung-Fu Live, Bonk: Brink of Extiction, Bomberman Battlefest, Alien Breed: Impact, Cladun: This Is An RPG, NHL 11, Blades of Steel, Frog Bog, Blasto!