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Out Tomorrow: Sky Fighter (EU)

Posted by on September 21st, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags: ,

Surprise! I bet you didn’t expect to see this out on the European store tomorrow. Sky Fighter is the latest game from the PSN Powerhouse that is TikGames-Creat Studios. As you can see from the trailer it is all about that 2D dog-fighting action.

Gamers learn to pilot all kinds of aircraft in all types of weather, day or night, from light, aerobatic, maneuverable fighters to the devastating flying fortress. Missions include bombing the enemy’s equipment and fortifications, shooting down their fighters and destroying their hostile bombers. Wing Mode allows for teaming up with an ace-flying friend to overcome all “sky challenges” together.

The game also features 2 different multiplayer modes: Wing Mode and Dogfight Mode. In Wing Mode you team up with a buddy and blast through the levels in co-op. While the Dogfight mode is all about taking on up to 7 of your friends to find out who is the ace of aces. I hope you have a big couch though, because this is local only. Sorry people with no friends :(.

Look for the game to be on the European store tomorrow for a price of €9.99. It should be making its way onto the US store sometime this October and will run you about $10.