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Apache Overkill Soaring onto Minis

Posted by on September 29th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags: , , ,

Apache Overkill is a side-scrolling shmup based on the popular flash game Overkill. Playerthree decided to revamp then release their game on the PlayStation Network. The good news is that it’s available today on the EU PSN for £1.99/€2.49. American PSN users will have to wait only a week to download it on October 5th for just $2.99.

The PSN version of the game is fully re-coded and features new graphics and environments, end of level bosses, a combat wave bonus mechanism, and 99 levels of explosive action.

From playing the game a few times on Miniclip, I’d say the coolest part of the game is managing which weapon upgrades to pick up and combine. I’m anxious to see how the wave bonus multiplier works out. If the game is fun enough, we may have to start a new thread for Apache Overkill high scores.

It’s very fast-paced, something that will undoubtedly add to its addictive, pick up and play nature. I’m glad it’s a minis title, as I’ll definitely be toting this around on my for slow days at work or long rides into the city (NYCC, here I come!).