Why Does Japan Get All The Cool Stuff? – A Malicious Post

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Seriously just watch that trailer. The game, Malicious, is due out sometime this Fall for PSN in Japan. There is no word on a North American or European Publisher at this time, which makes me a very sad panda. The game looks like it could be a hit here.

Famitsu.com recently had a story which talked about the games features and Andriasang.com was kind enough to translate it like the do for most Japanese related stories. So the enemies in the game are called the Malicious and you have to take them out. But you won’t have to rush around a stage to get to the bosses, the entire level is just fighting the boss and his minions.

The game shares a few features with everyone’s favorite blue robot Mega Man. After you defeat a boss you will gain their powers, and these new powers may make it easier for you to handle certain stages. So the order in which you select the stages is crucial.

Like I posted before there is only a time-frame for Japan right now (FALL), but I will try to contact Alvion and hopefully someone their speaks English 🙂

[Source: Famitsu | Via: Andriasang.com]

  • sNsKid

    I’m pretty sure if the game is awesome it will be released in other markets. If it’s not out in Japan yet I can’t really get worked up about it. It is nice, however, to know someone is keeping an eye out for great games in Japan.

  • This is a weeaboo post.

    • Don’t make me rip that book out ya hands.

    • gomen naasigh.

  • meta

    “but I will try to contact Alvion and hopefully someone their speaks English :)”
    I bid you good luck with that. :p

    On a more serious note, I doubt it’s really in Albion’s capabilities to release an English or US/EU version, they are an indie developer after all. Perhaps if a major publisher with a background in the Western market bankrolled their release in the US or EU it would happen, but I doubt they can do so themselves.

    • Yea, hopefully an Atlus/Aksys/Ignition can bring it over. I included a note in Japanese in case they couldn’t read the english part though 🙂

  • Siggy

    I wonder if they will rename the game if it gets a North American release.