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Hoard images break free from your castle, game to be at PAX

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I’m stuck all the way over here in sunny old England, so I’m not going to be able to go and see Hoard in action. But, thanks to the magic of not living in a country where its rainy and depressing, Chris and Eric are going to be at PAX, and they’re going to be seeing Hoard in action, so feel free to ask some questions in the comments. In the mean time, check out the new screens we have, along with the PR, which contains vital information as to where and when you’ll be able to get your hands on this title.

Big Sandwich Games is pleased to announce that our upcoming dual-stick fire-breathing PlayStation®Network release HOARD™ will be on display at booth #3012 at PAX. I’d like to personally invite you to come take a look at the game and see what promises to be a fresh and exciting late September release for PS3! (PSP and PC/Mac to follow)
HOARD™ is an arcade action-strategy score attack game in which you play a dragon intent on ransacking a medieval kingdom to gather a giant hoard of glittering gold.  You must scare towns, kidnap princesses, burn knights, and even topple berserk giants. Let no obstacle prevent you from your treasure hoarding!

You can see screenshots and info about the game here: www.hoardgame.com

HOARD™ features:

  • CO-OP and competitive play for 1-4 dragons
  • Couch and online play supported (any combination)
  • Over 30 unique levels
  • Knights, thieves, giants, princesses, and wizard towers!
  • Deep reward system with over 100 badges to earn
  • Upgradeable dragons
  • 5 menacing powerups
  • Classic arcade score-attack fun with leaderboards
  • Upcoming release in North America and Europe for PS3, PSP, PC, and Mac