This Week On PSNStores – 07/06/10

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Update: Contest is over. PeraPeraPenguin won the code 🙂

Lots of games coming this week so it seems, the biggest being Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge. In honor of this we will be giving out a copy of Tales of Monkey Island (US)! All you have to do it leave a comment on the anywhere on site (protip: the more you post the better your chances are) and I will randomly pick a winner on Friday.

Now that I am back in Seattle, expect to see a lot of news and catch-up stuff this week. Happy posting and good luck.

  • dave

    me bro!

  • Szuter

    I love to the prize 🙂


  • Heisem

    it’s been i while since i played monkey island, if they add a discount for ps plus members i would probably buy the game. do they have the first monkey island game available? because i rather buy the old one…

  • PTCoakley

    I love Monkey Island and would love a chance to check out Tales!

  • felipaopl

    Well, a man can only dream… after Brazil said goodbye to the world cup, this is my new hope for happiness 😀

  • Wowbagger

    I need to hurry up and finish the first Monkey Island. Completely stuck on the titular island, but refuse to use hints. I will not be defeated! >:(

  • RidHood

    I Would love to start with the first one before buying The Secret of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition, do not see here any hint on who you should pick 🙂

    • East6

      Mutty vare.

  • meta

    Great to see an ACTUAL adventure game hit PSN. Go Telltale!

    • Corto

      You have Sam and Max from Telltale too…

  • GraveRobberX

    Here’s hoping I win something >.>;

  • mark

    Yes, finally there’s a giveway for a monkey game!

  • vocab

    wooo adventure games

  • Aaron


  • kaysee

    trying my luck.

  • SonyWanze

    i’ll hope for the MI2SE …

  • AranhaHunter

    Might as well try it out. Monkey Island is one of my favorite game series 🙂

  • Vampire Azrial

    Can I win, I’m too poor to buy a copy.

  • xV1nC3nt

    This time i have to win!!!!!!!!!!

  • skizze

    yeah, the game is mine

  • adam

    I want to be a winner!!! Rwaar

  • Phoenixx

    I’m in for Tales! Fun game for sure 😀

  • Daniel

    I never win…

  • chris

    Love telltale games, but can only play them on my PS3….glad this finally came out…would love to win it!

  • Guilherme

    I want Monkey Island so much! Please!

  • Daniel

    Bah, i wish i win… i bought some dlc in euro psn and is incompatible with us psn!
    I will be happy with the monkey island! 🙂

  • NAVYAndR3S

    i have a eu store code who wants it