Quick Question: Marcus Beer, Public Relations Director at Ignition Entertainment

Posted by on July 22nd, 2010 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

People have been wondering why Blacklight: Tango Down hadn’t launched on PSN and PC at the same time as it had launched on XLBA. Hoping to quell the misinformation, we asked Marcus Beer, Public Relations Director at Ignition Entertainment why Blacklight had been delayed on PS3, and received this answer;

We split the launch dates for the 3 versions of Tango Down because we wanted them all to be of a high quality. The XBLA version came out today, PC hits next week. The PSN version is taking a little longer than we anticipated, but we are not going to rush it out just to make sure all versions ship around the same time. We want to get it right and not short change the PSN users.

We are currently looking at the end of August for PSN, but if that date changes we will let you know.

Hope that helps!

We then asked if the PS3 version was suffering from being “ported” over from the 360/PC version, and got this response;

I think ‘port’ is a bit of a misleading word for the PSN version as 90% of the game was designed to work on all systems, with the final 10% being platform specific. Its just that the 10% for PSN is taking longer than we thought!

Blacklight should launch in August for PSN, if all goes according to plan.