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MonkeyPaw Games Bringing PSone Imports To PSN

Posted by on July 10th, 2010 | 3 Comments | Tags: ,

If you are a fan of Japanese import games I have great news, MonkeyPaw Games will be publishing some of their favorites titles from the Japanese PSN store’s Game Archives program. You read that correctly, games that are fully in Japanese will be available for purchase on the US PlayStation Store.

When I saw these titles on the ESRB site, I was a bit confused. So I contacted John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games, to see what was up.

Are these games just ports of games from the Japanese Store?

These are Archive titles in the Japanese store. So yes, they are straight ports. They will come in their original Japanese flavor.

Is there a reason that they aren’t rated for PSP?

The games should have a PSP rating as well.

So now it looks like Sony aren’t the only ones publishing PSone games on the store. Originally the plan was for Sony to announce this program during their E3 press conference, but sadly it had to be cut for time. This also makes me believe that PC Engine and NeoGeo games should be coming soon. But that is still just a rumor at this point.

There should be an official announcement from MonkeyPaw Games soon.