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Amazon Watch: PSN Aug 3rd Content

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Amazon.com has updated the “Upcoming” section for PlayStation Store releases. Here is the content you can expect to see on the PlayStation Store this coming Tuesday. I have also added in the RockBand tracks, which are not par of the Amazon.com list.


Earthworm Jim HD (9.99)

Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles ($4.99)
Widget Odyssey 2 ($1.99)


BioShock 2
Protector Trials ($4.99)

Buzz Quiz World (PSP)
American Culture Quiz Pack ($2.99)

Marvel Costume Kit 3 ($5.99 or $1.99 each)
• Captain America
• Invisible Woman
• Rogue
• Wolverine
• Vemon

LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
Robin Hood Men in Sack Level Kit ($2.99)
Robin Hood Men in Sack Costume (Free)

Mod Nation Racers
Nukular Mod and Kart ($1.75 or $0.99 each)

Rock Band
Singles ($1.99 each)
• “Rapture” by Blondie
• “Jesus Freak” by dc Talk
• “The Perfect Crime #2” by The Decemberists
• “I Only Want You” by Eagles of Death Metal
• “Saturday Morning” by Eels
• “Love Addict” by Family Force 5
• “Sturm & Drang” by KMFDM
• “Bulletproof” by La Roux

Rock Band Network ($1.99 or $0.99 each)
• “Fake It” by Seether
• “Elements” by Texas in July
• “Crushed Beyond Dust” by Skeletonwitch
• “Heads or Tails? Real or Not” by Emarosa
• “Is There a Ghost” by Band of Horses

Avatars Themes Wallpapers

Street Fighter Alpha 3 ($0.49 each) (x3)

[Source: Amazon.com]