PSN Digital Codes Returning To Amazon.com [Update]

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Update: When asked if they will return to selling Digital Games and DLC, Tony from Amazon said, “Not at this time, selling these things like crazy will allow us to open those conversations though, at the very least.”

About a year ago PSN Digital Codes vanished from Amazon.com without much of an explanation. You used to be able to purchase PSN cards as well as game codes for PSN games directly through Amazon.

That option will be returning as the “Amazon Video Gamer” account stated over on NeoGAF:

Anyone else here excited about PSN digital codes coming back to Amazon?


You can now purchase PSN digital codes for $20, $50 and a subscription to PlayStation Plus (3 months or 1 year).

[Thanks Wario64]

  • SunnyRivers

    Yes! Options are always welcome.

  • QwietStorm

    So we still don’t have an explanation then?

  • I’m just glad they are back!! Woot!!

  • Does anyone know if you can use gift cards to buy these? I was gonna try to see for myself, but as soon as logged in it asked me to put in my credit card info (which has never happened to me before) and I didn’t want it to automatically charge my card or anything.

    This would definitely be a good way to use up some Amazon gift card credit if so, but otherwise I’d just stick with Best Buy to get the Reward Zone points.

    • Yeah I was worried about that too but I figured I’d wing it.. But once you add your card info it’ll go to the normal purchase screen… It should automatically use your gift card balance(It did for me) or it also has a spot to put in a giftcard code too..

    • Thanks for the heads up! Now I know where to go the next time I need some PSN funds.