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Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition Coming Exclusively To PSN

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Paramount, NASCAR, SCEA, and Piranha Games are teaming up to bring that NASCAR experience to PSN this summer. So basically, like the Top Gun game, you can take part in the action from the movie. The game will also feature current NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers, such as Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon.

With artificial intelligence tailored to match each film character and NASCAR driver, players will experience each driver’s personality, driving style and maneuvers. For example, players will need to watch out for Cole Trickle’s reckless, aggressive driving, Rowdy Burns’ ruthless, veteran skills and Russ Wheeler’s hot head.

Progressing through the races will help you unlock customizations and courses. And if you are good enough, you can even pick up some sponsorships.

In Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition, up to 12 people can race to the finish online, log the fastest times on the leader boards, or push themselves to the limit in single-player. There are four different modes – Quick Race, Time Trial, Career, with circuits of varying difficulty, and Derby Mode, where players are encouraged to deal as much damage as they can.

So get ready to drive your Home Depot-KFC-Jiffy Lube-Tide-Ford all over the track this summer.