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Review: Blue Toad Murder Files – Episode 2

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This add-on is for the game Blue Toad Murder Files. Check out our review of Blue Toad Murder Files.

Price: $7.49 | £6.29 | €7.99 | HK$ 78.00
Release Date: December 17th, 2009

What it adds:

  • 6 more trophies to earn.
  • 12 new puzzles.
  • The next chapter in the murder mystery.

Check out the game in action with our Little Look.

If you enjoyed the first episode, you will enjoy this one. More of the same quirky humor and excellent story telling. The puzzles this go around were a little harder, which I actually liked. But even with those harder puzzles, the time you will be playing is roughly the same was last time. So if you blew through it in around an hour or so, it will probably be just about as long. And of course, this episode also ends in the cliffhanger whetting your appetite for the next release. I don’t see anything wrong with dropping some cash on the second episode. Especially if you are down to try out some brain teasers. Check this out sharpish!