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Out This Week: The Eye of Judgment Legends Demo

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We put a Little Look up for this game earlier in the week and now it looks like everyone can check it out. If you plan on buying the full version when it releases all of your save data from the demo will carry over. That certainly is an incentive to start up that psp and download the demo.

Two of the game’s modes were also explained on the blog entry.

Story Mode:
Yes, there will be Story mode in the PSP version! Story mode is the core single player mode in THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS. The story contains an intricate plot and is divided up into a series of chapters. In the demo, you will get to experience the first three chapters of the story mode. If you play all three chapters, it will unlock a rare demo-specific card which can be carried over to the full game, so make sure to play all chapters!

Multiplayer Mode:
Both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes are supported in the full game. In Ad Hoc mode, you can enjoy head to head battles with other players and trade game cards. Infrastructure mode lets you battle against other players from around the world as well as accessing online ranking. In the demo, you will have a chance to experience the Ad hoc mode (excludes card-trading feature).

Remember if you want to see the game now, check out our Little Look!

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