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Review: Revenge Of The Wounded Dragons

Posted by on December 24th, 2009 | 4 Comments | Tags: ,

Developer: Artificial Mind & Movement
Release Date: December 10th, 2009
Price: $9.99
Demo: No
Players: 1-2 (local)

What I liked:

  • The 70s kung fu movie funk inspired soundtrack.
  • Weapons, including guns, especially the long bo.
  • The game’s fun finishing moves… “Bamboo Breakaaaah!”

What I disliked:

  • You can’t jump and punch at the same time. You can jump and kick though.
  • I wanted a few more moves.
  • The single player experience pales in comparison to multiplayer.
  • It’s Game Over in multiplayer when one player runs out of lives.

Think back to the days of the classic beat ‘em up; River City Ransom, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon.  Revenge of the Wounded Dragons takes that classic gameplay and offers it up in a stylistic and easy to pick up package.

I enjoyed the visuals of the game. As you can see from the screenshots, it’s a fairly attractive looking game. I found the backgrounds rather interesting, as these types of games usually tend to repeat backgrounds. The soundtrack consists of a funk infused kung fu sound that reminds you of a 70s kung fu B-Movie. This choice of music really gave the game more character and added to its overall style.

Controls were pretty tight and simplistic. If you stun your enemy, you can choose from 8 different ways to finish them off.  My favourite; Bamboo Breaker. Though the game is easy to pick up, at times I found the controls to be a bit too simplistic. Some enemies had very grandiose attacks like shooting fire or sending you flying across the screen. Afterwards, I’d want to run up to them and hit them with some kind of special attack of my own, but alas, a punch to the crotch was all I could perform. Another problem I’d often encounter was wanting to punch while in midair. I’d jump towards a platform with an enemy guarding the edge, only to not punch him, land, and get knocked off the edge.

Playing the game in single player adds an extra challenge to bosses and the overall difficulty of the game, but it gets bland after awhile. I recommend tackling this one with a friend, the teamwork really adds to the experience. After defeating a boss at the end of a stage, you are treated to a mini game. They take place when the wounded dragons are kids and training under their master. Most involve collecting or racing head to head with the other player, my favorite being the one tasking you to collect the golden chickens. Playing the mini games on single player lacked the fun of competing against your buddy.

Overall, I found Revenge of the Wounded Dragons to be a good time and an afternoon well spent. If you’re a fan of the old school and you have a fellow Wounded Dragon who would like to exact Revenge with, I suggest you give it a download.

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