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PixelJunk Shooter Out Next Week (US/EU)

Posted by on December 3rd, 2009 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

PixelJunk Shooter is coming early to US and EU PS3 owners. Announced last week for Japan with the date of December 24th, everyone was wondering when we would get our ever eager hands on the title.

This week on the PlayStation Blog, PixelJunk creator Dylan Cuthbert let everyone know a few things about the game, the most important being the release date. It is in fact coming next week, December 10th, to both the EU and US PlayStation Stores.

Here is a new trailer that was added to the official PixelJunk site:

The game features a ton of stuff, from PlayStation Home rewards all the way through Youtube Uploading and screen-shot saving. There won’t be a demo at launch time, but the team over at Q-Games is working on one. Dylan also didn’t mention a price, but he did hint that it should be $9.99. So be sure to look out for this title next week!