List Of Minis Working On PS3

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Will update as I see more that work. This is as of tonight, more may work after the store update tomorrow.

Games that work will have a small “minis” icon after their names when you go to them on the XMB. Games that will not work will have the “PSP” icon after their names. Another way to check is to press square. Playable games will be in the minis folder.

Make sure you have redownloaded the titles since the update has gone live.

I have updated the list to just show ones that are not working. If you have any more let me know.

Not Working:

  • 3D Bowling (EU?)
  • International Snooker (EU)
  • Let’s Golf (US)
  • Pinball Fantasies (US)
  • Tetris (US | EU)

Let me know if you have any that work.

  • JeremyR

    Well, 4 out of 13 isn’t bad, I guess…

    So anyway, does it upscale the games? Or put them in a little box?

    • I am not at home (parents house) so I could only check in SD. The games had a black border at the top and bottom of the screen.

  • Nathan Drake

    Was wondering, do you have to have a PSP to make Minis work or you could just buy it off the PSN and play it.

    • You can just buy them from PSN and play them. No PSP needed.

  • Adam

    Soooo, are any PSP Minis really worth playing on PS3?

  • Gordini

    Alien Havoc and Sudoku don’t work on the PS3 (US). I noticed there was no download option when I went to the Minis portion of the store to start the downloads.

  • Withnail

    A Cubixx dev posted in the comments on Joystiq

    “One last thing to note, we’ve recently had to put the release date back a week, so it’s now due out next week on the 10th Dec. We can’t tell you why it’s slipped, but most people will be pleased when they find out the reasons behind it. (Mysterious eh?)”

    So it sounds like that one will work when it’s released later today. Looks pretty good as well.

    • JeremyR

      He also posted on the forums recently at PSPMinis that it might actually be released on the 17th.

  • robebre

    Blast off UK does not work

  • Plankfan

    Blast Off does not work in the USA.

  • Looks like I am going to have to buy some Minis and try this out now.

  • raveer

    Tetris (UK) does not work.

  • Breakquest (EU) works. Tetris (EU) and Puzzle Scape Mini (EU) not.

  • Leeor

    Tetris(US) does not work.

    the only mini I own, and I really wanted to be able to play it on the PS3 🙁

  • porath

    i don’t know why they released the firmware update yesterday, but i sure am glad they did, because without it i would have lost my demon’s souls save data!

  • heelguru

    Zombie Tycoon EU/UK is not working

    • thwaknar

      the US one locks up system when u save

  • twooza

    I think the full mini ps3 launch woz ment to be the 17th? according to joystiq that is.

  • cobra2333

    Confirmation addition – Blast Off does not work for the US yet. Even after a second download.

  • ttwashere

    bloons works (us)

  • sonypol

    i just paid for tetris that only works on psp and i dont own a psp!
    why they cant write on the description that for now its only works on the psp system!?!…10$….FUCK!

  • Bandito

    just bought pinball fantasies (uk) Doesn’t F’ing work

  • Bandito

    Just forced the system update, Working now

  • ManWithSword

    just bought the snooker mini game. It said very explicitly that it was for the PSP and the PS3. But it doesn’t work. I get a message: (80010006) error during start up. Annoyed that there’s no way of getting a refund. Just have to wait until Sony release a new patch. Annoying.

  • yorkiebat187

    Hi i bought bloons and i start it up and it just says error how do i fix it

    • When did you download it? Was it after the 17th? My US version works fine on my PS3.

  • jacklum

    Has anyone bought Echoes on the US store? Whenever I quit back to the menu or shut the game down then later attempt to pick up where I left off using the ‘continue’ option, nothing is unlocked and I have to start from the beginning again. I tried deleting/reinstalling it, but it didn’t make any difference.

    I left a message on Halfbrick’s forums, but didn’t get a response. Just wondering if anyone out there has had similar problems.

    • I will shoot them an email.

    • jacklum

      Thanks for your help.

  • Josey

    Grr. I bought YetiSport but it says “Could not start game. Error 80010006”. Please help 🙁