Creating a Japanese PSN Account

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The new storefront tabs since PSPlus. Hope this helps 🙂

Here are the PS3 and PSP content pages translated.

If you can think of anyway to make this guide more clear, just let me know.

  • If I set up a japanese PSN account and download some games will it mess up my PS3 sense I live in the US? Will I still be able to access the US PSN when signing in with my regular user name? Lastly do you know if I would get in trouble like banned from PSN if SONY found out I did this?

    • 1. Japanese games will not mess your PS3 up
      2. Yup, you will still be able to access the US PSN when you sign into your US account
      3. Nope Sony doesn’t ban anyone for having multiple accounts.

  • great stuff here

  • iPhone Fan

    Cheers for the fantastic info – I had fun reading it! I always love looking at this blog. 🙂

  • Ryen

    This blog is fantastic!!
    I just created a japanese account using you (easy to read) guide!
    I tried buying a game on there, but it won’t accept my (british debit) card details.
    Does this mean I can only download demos?

    • You can get Japanese PSN cards from ebay. But right now you can only get free stuff.

    • Brandon

      nevermind i figured it out, the account is awesome thanks for this info on how to do it 🙂

    • whats free?

    • Danny

      Japanese PSN store only accept Japanese credit card. So if you want to add funds to your account, you have to buy a prepaid card. Grab $17 and go to http://www.japan-codes.com and buy the cheapest one to try it out. This store send codes really fast, and the guy running this site is so friendly.

  • No-oN

    hello …

    i know i’m late, but if you plan on having an Asian Account, you’d better off with a Hong Kong one, all in English & have same content (well 98%)

    so Enjoy!


    • Brandon

      i can;t get passed the security question, it’s in japanese so i don’t know what it’s asking, and i put in random crap and i can’t go further

  • Mario

    Is there a way to translate the things to english and and i use a AUS psn gift voucher on it

    • You can only use JPN vouchers on a JPN account, sorry 🙁

  • Could you tell me how to find the sale section in the Japaense Store? ^_^;

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  • Coke

    Japan isnt showing up on my ps3 when it asks for region

    • yoyoma

      I tried to make a Japanese account on the US PSN website and it’s not listed there either. It might be the possibility because I used the US site or because Japan is being real strict with Sony right now about the security issue. So Japanese PSN is currently offline until they are sure everything is secure. That means all of Japan can not access their PSN.

  • It is probably due to Japanese PSN not being online yet.

  • joe f

    I made a japanese account. I try to get in the store in it saying this service is not available in ur courtry/region. I had a account last year but my ps3 got jacked. Any help would be great thanks

    • Japanese PSN Store is still down. Hasn’t be restored since the hack

  • darkened sun

    well thats bad but at the same time a relef 4 me cause i made my japanese account recently and i didn know y it wouldent let me on 2 the store so i spent like a week trying 2 figure out what i did wrong.

  • Biohazard255

    As of today July 7 JP stores r back up ^^

  • Tired

    Can’t you change the language in the sign up section?

    • Japanese sign up only allows for japanese language. Hong Kong accounts can be done in english though.

  • Trey

    if you get content on the Japanese account like avatars for ex can it be used on your US account? Sometimes telling me no but just asking.

    • Themes can be used on any account. Avatars are locked to the account you purchase them on. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Trey

      thx chris

  • Emily

    Okay I keep trying to make an ID but every time I enter a new one it says something, I don’t know what it says but it won’t let me continue. I tried changing it to something different every time but it didn’t help. What could be wrong with it?

  • where can i buy a avatar in japanese psn 

  •  great


    great topic ..I need a acount pass for downloading replays for Psn store!
    Thats sounds very ugly for some people but I let some one download stuff 4 mine!

  • Random

    We can’t use/switch an exsisting US account on/to the Japanese server?

    • Chris

      nope doesn’t work like that

  • how do u put money on your Japanese psn account?