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PSVR Impressions: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR Experience

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As a free standalone VR mission, the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR Experience has quite a title, and is best described as the title calls it, an experience. The Jackal Assault VR Experience isn’t necessarily a game, but a showcase of what a Call of Duty mission looks like in the world of virtual reality. It is worth playing for owners of PlayStation VR, but it isn’t something you should buy the headset to play.

After firing up the mission for the first time you’re placed in a cargo bay awaiting launch. Visually, the game is at its best in this moment as the lights from the cargo bay and the visuals of your Jackal starting up showcase the best of the mission. Once launching into space, completing a brief tutorial and clearing some debris in space, the real fighting begins. An anomaly appears and an enemy squadron begins to attack.

The Jackal has two modes of fire, a standard machine gun that does light damage to enemy ships and homing rockets in which you aim and lock-on using the head-tracking. The lock-on homing rockets work well at times, but I’ve noticed you need to be fairly close to the enemy ships. This hurts when you are ready to lock-on to an enemy, just to find you are too far away, and the moment has passed. When using the standard machine gun in-range of enemies, a red box will appear showing you where you need to lead your shot to hit the enemy ship. It’s a nice and welcome addition, as you aren’t blindly firing into space trying to hit your target.

Following some dogfighting that lasted for a few minutes and taking down a large enemy vessel, the team tells you to return to base, where then the demo ends. Jackal Assault VR does tally up how many enemy ships you downed, and your previous high score, but it doesn’t track any other stats.

The Jackal Assault VR mission is a nice, free downloadable experience for you to play if you are an owner of a PlayStation VR. There isn’t much reason to replay, only to see if you are trying to achieve a personal high score for enemy ships downed. This could have been a mode included with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but I’m glad it wasn’t, as I don’t see this mission of being anything of substance for players to play again. The mission only takes around 5 mins to finish, but if you are at all interested, give it a shot.