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PAX South 2016: OmniBus

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I hadn’t heard about OmniBus until recently. When I watched a trailer for the game it looked absolutely ridiculous… and I loved it. I knew I had to check it out. In OmniBus, you play as an unstoppable force of nature that can demolish just about anything. You’ll demolish buildings, other cars and more during its campaign, free play, and versus. Watching different objects fly all over the place is part of the fun, and is unpredictable, leading to the hilarity of the game.

The single player mode incorporates various missions such as hitting the head off a statue or driving up the side of the building to attack a giant ape that may or may not look familiar to gamers. Other missions include boss battles, where you launch off ramps to attack various monstrosities to lower their health. When attempting missions, if you flip over and don’t land on your tires, you’ll need to restart the mission. Respawn times are quick, so you won’t be stuck in a loading screen waiting to retry. There seems to be enough missions for players to enjoy while offering enough variety so players don’t get bored.

Free play is a single player mode that has you driving around different areas while trying to rack up as much money as possible. The more damage you deal, the more money you’ll be awarded with. It’s a nice diversion to show a friend, but it doesn’t seem to offer too much.

The final mode showcased is a versus mode, which is made for up to 4 players. The only mode shown has each player selecting a bus that each handles differently and the goal is to knock over each of the other buses until you are the last with all 4 tires on the ground. Matches are over fairly quickly and requires 3 wins to be the overall winner. Different maps add to the variety. A moon base has glass walls, and once broken, will suck everyone out of the base. The last player to stay alive wins.  Other maps include a western-style map with trains and a lava level has bouncy balls that are falling from the sky. Each of the buses are unique; the Ultra Bus is longer than other buses, but is quick and maneuvers fairly easily, while the SirBus is a double decker bus that if you turn too quickly, flips over.

One of the thoughts I originally had with OmniBus is that there wouldn’t be enough content in the game. After playing, I still have some reservations, but what I played was enjoyable enough that even though it might not be ripe with content, the experience that I would have playing would be enough to satisfy players. There does seem to be enough variety in missions and should keep players interested.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Omnibus. It may be something that could lose my interest after some time, but the time I spent playing it was time well spent. The wacky missions and crazy physics had me smiling even after I left.

Omnibus is currently planned for PC only, but the developers are considering a PS4 version.