PSNStores Plays: Dark Cloud 22

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With PS2 games finally arriving on PS4 I’m taking the chance to return to an old favorite of mine. Specifically one that I only vaguely remember. I haven’t played Dark Cloud in 10+ years. I know there’s a lot of dungeon crawling and town building. Let’s take a trip back in time and revisit Dark Cloud together!

RIP Gosuke

Did you play Dark Cloud on PS2? Any other favorite Level 5 games? Let’s chat in the comments!

  • I ended up getting 2 more Last Judgement hammers in chests… On the same floor. I’m probably going to break both of them up into synth spheres. Should add 60 damage to anything I stick them on.

    I think you can break a bandit slingshot and attach it to another item to give it steal. I think I ended up with 4 of them so far, but one had “fragile” so I tossed it.

    Mimics in games probably come from Dungeons and Dragons in the 70’s. (Just checked. AD&D in 1977, first edition.) Non-game origins, people have theorized about them coming from 1953 scifi (Phillip K Dick) and even some Shoggoths from lovecraftian lore. I know that D&D now has tons of enemies that mimic different things, like stalactites.

    I always switch between all of the characters to fill them all up, but I toggle between them all while fighting so I’m using the best character for every enemy. (It’s almost never Toan.) In DC2, you can only use each pool once. DC2 is a big improvement, but they closed a lot of the exploits that made DC1 easier.

    I just finished the boss for chapter 4 last night.

    Male RPG characters who steal: Zidane from FF9. Just off the top of my head. One of the first games I recall where your main character is a thief rather than some warrior/knight type.

    I almost always use slingshots to kill dragons. 🙂 I’ve been working on that bandit slingshot since the first map though, so it’s pretty strong. I upgraded it to a double impact first chance I had. I plan on eventually getting it up to Angel Shooter.

    If you 100% the first town, you get another charge attack move with Toan, like Link’s spin attack move. You get a special spear for getting Muska Lacka maxed, along with a diamond. You get a special axe for Goro for the 2nd town. I can’t recall the 3rd town’s item? I don’t think it was an armband though. I’ve maxed them all so far though.

    • PSPenguin

      Dark Cloud 2 coming out next week is pretty good timing. Good to know it’ll be available once I finish DC.

      Didn’t even think about D&D, but that makes perfect sense. I’m starting to realize how much Level 5 loved mimics. (Just played a few hours of Rogue Galaxy and ran into about 7 lol.)

      Also can’t believe we didn’t think of Zidane. That one should have been obvious lol.

      Oh wow, maybe I should actually go back to max out each town before we get too far. I was planning to save it for last, but it sounds like I might actually want to get some of that stuff before too long. At least the spin attack seems like something I’d want.