Dragon Quest Builders Demo (PS4) Gameplay Glimpse [Archive]

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Gameplay Glimpse are 10-20 minute videos covering a recently released PS4/Vita game. Check out our playlist for more.

Archive of our live stream of the Dragon Quest Builders Demo from a few nights ago.

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  • David

    I believe this could make its way over to the west given enough public interest and demand, hopefully the demand is more polite on their Facebook and Twitter page. Perhaps once the game sells well in Japan and receives enough critic popularity they might surprise us with an announcement of a western localization, like what Bandai Namco did with God Eater and Gundam. I’m sure Square Enix knows there’s profit here and they might localize it. All we can do is keep hoping and asking then wait for them to announce a localization or confirm its not coming to the west.

    • PSPenguin

      I’m expecting it to be similar to Dragon Quest Heroes. That game saw a release early last year in Japan and then made it over to the west in October. Also the localization announcement actually came one day before the Japanese release so…I guess there’s a small chance we could be getting some sort of confirmation soon? Maybe?!?!

    • David

      Ahh man I hope so, these type of games really capture my interest and has a really nice niche appeal to it where I see myself playing for hours. Well at least I can keep myself busy with Minecraft if they ever decide to localize it or not.