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Impressions: Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition

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Abyss Odyssey released last year on PS3, and I gave it a very positive review. The Extended Dream Edition is now here and is new on PS4. The new version features improved graphics, a better online experience, new enemies to capture, and recent PC updates. The Extended Dream Edition is the definitive version for console owners, but if you played the original, there might not be enough incentive here to upgrade to this edition.

Abyss Odyssey is a 2D side-scroller with rogue-like elements. The game also has procedurally generated levels, meaning now two playthroughs will turn out the same. The gameplay could be compared to that of a Super Smash Bros. game. Each character, even enemies, have simple and special attacks. Each attack is mapped to either square or triangle, and pressing a direction on the thumbstick and a button creates a certain attack. The combat can be deep, with your character’s ability to pull off damaging combos. Each attack can be canceled, leading for more combo opportunities. Enemies can be captured with a mana attack, meaning every monster in the game can be played. Every enemy has their own attacks and combos to learn.

The visuals might be the biggest improvement from the PS3 version. Characters and especially the enemies look great on the PS4. I found myself admiring some of the design on some enemies. Some enemies I wanted to capture just to admire and add them to my collection of captured monsters. New enemies have been added to the Extended Dream Edition, one of them being the Golem from developer ACE Team’s other game, Zeno Clash. In my playtime I found some new enemies, but the majority of the monsters I fought were the same ones I fought on the PS3. Recent patches to the PC version are also present here, including gameplay balances and expanded enemy move sets.

The online mode has been vastly improved. On the PS3 version, the game ran smoothly, but I did notice some framerate and performance drops. With the PS4 version, I found no problems with the online experience. However, aside from performance issues, if you are playing the game in co-op, both characters share one screen, meaning you can’t go one direction, and your teammate go another direction. You’ll need to stick together if you plan on accomplishing anything. A versus mode is available, allowing 2-player online and 4-player offline. The mode is nothing special, but it’s a quick diversion if you have a feud to settle.

In the smallest terms, the Extended Dream Edition is the PC version of the game, but on PS4. If you love the game on PS3, you may want to upgrade to the PS4 version if you enjoy capturing monsters and learning all the combos. For casual Abyss Odyssey players, don’t expect a ton of new content. Expect the same game as on PS3, with some balancing updates and improved visuals.