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Hyper Void Releasing September 8th on PS4

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Hyper Void is a 3D space shoot-em up that focuses on challenge and visual aspects. Hyper Void will be coming to PS4 on September 8th.

While flying the RM-24, a combat and defense spacecraft, you’ll investigate what drives the entire universe to attack your race. Hordes of enemies, maneuverability challenges, mazes and light-speed races are some gameplay segments you’ll have in the game.

Gradius, Temptest, and Wing Commander are just some of the games that inspired Hyper Void. The game features many bosses, with half of the game’s 29 levels featuring boss fights. there are 3 mega encounters that are even larger boss fights.

A Hyper Mode is available for an even greater challenge. Hyper Void runs at 60 fps and will have Project Morpheus support when the device launches.

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