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Armello Releasing September 1st with New Characters

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A digital hexagonal fantasy board game with cards, questing, and animated animals. That’s a game description that sets my enthusiasm rising rapidly.

Armello, from League of Geeks, is coming to PS4 September 1st. It has been on Steam Early Access since January 2015 and has garnered a 93% positive response from players. (Players can buy the Early Access version until July 31st, after which they must wait until the full release.)
The game combines some of my favorite board game elements and has a wonderful aesthetic that’s sure to turn heads. The PS4 release will include two new characters, Zosha and Barnaby. Zosha is a female rat that goes into stealth every sunset to maneuver away from or toward unsuspecting enemies. Barnaby is a male rabbit who can use items in various situations, making him a character who can adapt on the fly. Check screens below:

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What’s your favorite PSN board game? Off the top of my head I’d have to go with Hoard, but I’m sure there are a handful of others that shine on the platform.