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Spirits of Elduurn May Close Out PSM

Posted by on June 17th, 2015 | 6 Comments | Tags: ,

We got news recently from Califer Games that their PlayStation Mobile game Spirits of Elduurn is releasing June 17th. The developers intended to release the game for free, but due to platform restrictions, it may release at the low cost of $0.99. There’s an extra set of difficult levels bundled in at this price.
Update: The game is free with an optional $0.99 purchase – See comment below.

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Spirits of Elduurn is a puzzle game where you control two little spirits. They must work together to gain energy and vanquish enemies, cleansing the world for life to exist once more.

Anyone still playing PSM? I have a couple of bubbles full of games on my Vita but haven’t played them in a while.