Spirits of Elduurn May Close Out PSM

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We got news recently from Califer Games that their PlayStation Mobile game Spirits of Elduurn is releasing June 17th. The developers intended to release the game for free, but due to platform restrictions, it may release at the low cost of $0.99. There’s an extra set of difficult levels bundled in at this price.
Update: The game is free with an optional $0.99 purchase – See comment below.

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Spirits of Elduurn is a puzzle game where you control two little spirits. They must work together to gain energy and vanquish enemies, cleansing the world for life to exist once more.

Anyone still playing PSM? I have a couple of bubbles full of games on my Vita but haven’t played them in a while.

  • Just to clarify, the game is free. There is a 99 cent in-app purchase to get a second set of more difficult levels.

    • Eric G

      Updated. Thanks!

  • Devin Hudson

    I played a bit of this last night. I like what I’ve played so far, but I’ll need to play some more before deciding on whether or not to buy the extra levels.

    I still play PSM games occasionally, but definitely not nearly as much as I play Vita native games. I’m still in the process of deciding which ones I want to buy before the service shuts down.

  • I’ve finished almost all of my PSM games, I’m working on the last one now, Chaos Rings. I might grab this one just to try it though. I also haven’t gotten 100% of Tokyo Jungle Mobile done yet, so I’ll probably go back to that one eventually.

  • It looks like there’s 9 other things released at the same time, but this looks the most interesting of them. Though, that minecraft clone might be worth dabbling with if it wasn’t on a dying platform for $2.79.

  • Freelance

    I still play them. Some of my fave Vita games are PSM titles. I really
    hope nothing ever happens to my Vita. I sure will miss Tokyo Jungle
    Mobile the most if I can’t play it anymore. It’s far better than the Ps3 game. All the other games I like
    (Haunt the House, etc), are available on PC so at least I’d still have a
    way to play those if the worst happens, although I’d much rather play them on a handheld. Sadly, TJM isn’t available anywhere else.