Noir Stealth Adventure Game Calvino Noir Sneaking its way onto PS4

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Calvino Noir draws inspiration from the beautiful history of noir cinema. The game features a classic film noir plot and characters, but also takes inspiration from the film Bladerunner, and the game Deus Ex.

The spaces you sneak and move through are real places that people would inhabit. Every location is set in real world places such as a factory or church. The environment is designed for the players to find places to hide, and build routes for people to explore.

The cast of characters in the game have all been affected by the events of the first World War. The protagonist, Wilt, deserted the British army and now uses his skills for blackmail and espionage. Another character, Siska, was an orphan as a child, but is now an idealistic young adult that fights corruption on the streets. There are other playable characters as well, and each have their own unique skills.

No release date has been given for Calvino Noir.

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