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Morpheus Game, RIGS, Introduced

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Guerrilla Cambridge, developers of Killzone Mercenary, has announced RIGS, a mechanized combat game for Project Morpheus. RIGS is a first-person shooter 3-on-3 combat league game set 50 years in the future and combines elements of shooting and basketball to create a futuristic arena.

Aiming and steering of the mechs is controlled by your head movement. Other control schemes will be available when the game launches. A focus for the developers was to make the Dualshock 4 controls feel as familiar as possible, so you can focus on the game rather than focusing on the controller.

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There are also 3 different rigs: the Hunter, the Mirage, and the Tempest. Each have their own different forms and specialties. The rigs have different loadouts and abilities, and a single-player mode will be introduced in the future.

RIGS was built and created exclusively for Project Morpheus. What do you think of the game? Let us know in the comments.

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