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Astebreed Comes to PS4 June 25th

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Developer Playism has announced that their first person cinematic shoot-em-up will be coming to PS4 on June 25th for $19.99. The game offers a cinematic twist that changes the gameplay from a horizontal shooter to a vertical shooter at different times.

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Two weapons are available for your warmachine: a “thought-controlled Lucis system” and a large sword that can cut through anything. The Lucis system fires a swarm of nodes that surround your warmachine that can either fire quickly in a straight line or fire slowly but can lock on to enemies. The blade is a quick and efficient weapon that can destroy enemies at close range.

Astebreed runs at 60fps and 1080p with no screen tearing. An Arrange Mode has been added with new enemy patterns and placements, in addition to the Original Mode.

(Source: PS Blog)