Capcom announces Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

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Coming as no surprise, Capcom has announced a high-definition makeover for their 2002 Gamecube title Resident Evil Zero. Set for a release sometime in early 2016, the game will launch on PS3 and PS4.

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As the name implies, Resident Evil Zero acts as a prequel to Capcom’s horror franchise. With a unique character swapping mechanic, players guide police officer Rebecca Chambers and convict Billy Coen as they investigate a series of murders that eventually turns into something much more.

[Source: 4Gamer]

  • Devin Hudson

    This is the only main series Resident Evil game that I haven’t played, so I’m glad to finally get the chance to do so. I’m kinda surprised it’s not coming out until 2016 based on how long this has been rumored, but maybe they just want to space out releases a bit since we’ve already had two RE games this year.

  • Freelance

    Capcom, release Dragon’s Dogma on PC already!! Also make a DD game for the Vita please.

    • Devin Hudson

      Didn’t they already make a Dragon’s Dogma game for Vita in Japan? I doubt it will come out over here since it hasn’t already.

    • Freelance

      They did, but it’s like a game board with tokens and things. I want a Vita game that has the same gameplay as the console version.

    • Devin Hudson

      But you just said a Dragon’s Dogma game, which does exist. 🙂

    • Freelance

      🙁 You got me.

  • john smiths

    they should make this co-op offline/online