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Angus Hates Aliens Might Just Be The Last PSP Minis Game

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Most video game platforms come to a close with some hastily made licensed title. On PlayStation platforms that has usually resulted in a roster update for FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer. Sony’s little handheld that could isn’t like most video game platforms. PSP turned 10 years old last December and despite its successor being on the market for years, as well as production on new hardware having ended in 2014, the machine is still receiving new games. While it’s unlikely the platform’s upcoming lineup will headline any E3 presentation, new Japanese titles like Angelique Retour, as well as localizations for Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter and Summon Night 5, give fans of the portable something to play. A small developer from Germany is adding to that list of PSP farewell titles with Angus Hates Aliens.

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than five years since Sony announced the Minis program. At Gamescom 2009, the company unveiled what would eventually become a pivotal, if not easily forgotten, part of their acceptance of independent developers. Limited to a PSP SDK and a file size of 100MB, developers who never would’ve been able to create content on PlayStation got the chance to do so. This is how companies like FuturLab and Laughing Jackal got their start on PlayStation, and it’s how Team Stendec will get theirs.

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Angus Hates Aliens is a tactical run and gun shooter. Caught in the middle of an alien invasion, Angus does the only thing right: blast them away. Through 12 stages players are challenged to take on the game’s 16 enemies in smart ways. Ammo isn’t always a guarantee and the type of weaponry you use against the alien threat will be key to your success. That’s why Angus can choose from 14 different upgradeable weapons. Mastery of what to use and when to use it will be the only way to get of the invasion alive.

The last new PSP Minis release was August 2013’s Asia-only Phase Shift: Threats Beyond the Network. So why exactly is Angus still coming out on the platform? It’s quite simple: Team Stendec aren’t large and the game has taken three years to develop. While the viability of the PSP market in 2015 has to certainly be called into question, by making a Minis release they can target PSP, PS3 and PS Vita owners all with the same code. They’re also hoping to get the game on Steam and maybe even other platforms after launch.

Angus Hates Aliens has finished development and is awaiting SCEE approval before release in Europe.