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Feline Puzzler Nekoburo CatsBlock Heads to North America and Europe

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Catsblock Vestival, from Chaos Code devs F K Digital, brought over the top kitty cuteness to Asian PS Vitas late last year and now the puzzler is primed for a western debut. Coming courtesy of Neko Entertainment, who is a purrfect match for this title, the game will now be known as Nekoburo Catsblock. Retaining its Japanese audio track, Nekoburo’s text will be translated into English, French, Spanish and German.

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Nekoburo tells the tale of a cat-like group of aliens that find themselves stranded on Earth. Alone and without his friends, the leader of the bunch gets adopted by a kindhearted teenage girl. With the help of some alien technology, it’s up to you to reunite Totan with the other stranded Square Cats.

Nekoburo CatsBlock is a match-3 puzzle game described as being simple to play but difficult to master. In addition to Totan’s alien gadgets that can be used in-game, there are “interesting stages and different quests” to make the experience fresh.

Outside of the puzzle aspect, the game also features a room you can decorate. While being able to buy furniture is neat, I guess, the main draw here is that you can interact with the cats through a bunch of toys.

Each of Totan’s buddies have unique personality quirks, thanks to a not so healthy obsession with human television! My fave has to be Coya. He’s a Virgo, A+ blood type, chocolate commercial devotee who one day hopes to be as charming as his beloved confectioneries. You can see the rest of the Square Cats here.

Nekoburo CatsBlock is set for a release in western markets later this year.