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Musical Puzzle Game, Sentris, Coming to PS4

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Sentris, a musical performance puzzle game, currently available on Steam Early Access, will be coming to PS4.

The game is inspired by Rez, Parappa the Rapper, Beatmania and others. Many other games have players recreating songs others have composed, but Sentris allows players to create music with a “high degree of control”. In the game, you drop curved blocks called Sound Blocks in a spinning loop. Each block has a contained sound and they play again with each rotation of the loop. Sentris is a musical instrument that allows you to express yourself musically. It is also a puzzle game that allows players to be creative.

The spinning loop is filled with Gems that light up when you drop the right Sound Block on them. At times Gems need to be matched with a specific instrument which is represented by color or they need to match a certain sound which is represented by a symbol.

A Performance Mode will be included allowing players to choose any sound or instrument in every moment. In addition, a Remix Mode is halfway between the Puzzle and Performance mode.

Currently there is no release date for Sentris. What do you think of the game? Let us know in the comments.

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