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Heart Forth, Alicia headed to PS4 and Vita early next year

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Heart Forth, Alicia gained a lot of support through Kickstarter last year which pushed it past the initial goal and through to PS4/Vita stretch goals. Thanks to the immense support the game has become a bigger project with even Manami Matsumae (composer of Mega Man, Mighty No. 9, Shovel Knight) coming aboard to produce some of the game’s music.

Heart Forth, Alicia is inspired by the gameplay of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Zelda while also featuring the storytelling style of Xenogears. I’ve embedded the trailer used from the Kickstarter campaign to give a good idea of what the game is like.

– Adventure through an intricately detailed world filled with wonders, creative puzzles, secrets and lethal dungeons.
– Engage in fast, agile melee combat with over 20 special attacks & upgrades, and devastating magic spells to annihilate your enemies.
– Play with powerful RPG elements that include the gear, loot, sidequests, and gameplay depth that make for a classic RPG experience.
– Discover 5 secret fairy familiars to crush, shock, freeze, and burn your enemies, or save you at your most dire moment of need.
– Experience a deep and unfolding story that takes place centuries after the War of the Fatherlands, starring a cast of fascinating and complex characters.

The game will be playable on PS4 at GDC this week marking the first time it’s been shown in public. Heart Forth, Alicia is set to release on PS4 and Vita early next year.